we are
Who we are

PREMEVENT is not just another event and exhibition management company. Our team designs Concepts that come to meet the needs of "Markets" having first listened to the concerns and opportunities that emerge through our constant contact with organizations and companies that have an active presence and opinion. Each of our Concepts comes to fill a "gap" of communication between the Company and its audience (B2C) or between the Businesses themselves coming from the same or different markets.

PREMEVENT creates for Brands, Experiences that have an interactive character perfectly interwoven with the everyday life of the world!

Our team creates EXPERIENCES, innovative, interactive, functional, enjoyable and educational that aim to accomplish a single task: To bring you close to your audience, exactly where they live and spend their time pleasantly, turning your Product or Services into Positive Experiences that will come to meet their desires in their infancy.

On average
an event needs

Countless hours of brainstorming
minutes of design
1500 emails sent
minutes of construction
meetings with the Team
minutes of dismantling

Unparalleled design, Quality Constructions, Advertising Communication 360, Human Resources Management in every key position visible or invisible, synchronization, sound, light, music... Every detail is important, each one of us is a link in the chain that will "tie" a successful event.

PREMEVENT has the idea, it has the experience and know-how, it has the people and the materials.

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We Go to People

We go to the people

Organization of events in places where there is increased traffic such as Malls, Athletic Centers, Art Centers.

We Bring People to Us

We Bring People to Us

Organization of events in places where they can accommodate the general public or specific events while having easy access and functionality.

Β2Β Happenings

Β2Β Happenings

Organization of mega events for professionals.
Business finds Business


Organization of Events aiming at the constructive meeting of professionals, covering their needs and creating a springboard for business development.

Β2C Happenings

Β2C Happenings

Organization of mega events for the general public.
Business finds People.

Organization of Events addressed to a wide audience. We communicate the messages of Modern Business in an innovative and interactive way! We create experiences.